What is the difference between hiring and renting a car?

Правонарушения при обращении с автомобилем

Many clients who use services of renting companies do not always realize the difference between those two notions however it exists.

Cars for hire

If we speak about hiring cars, client can use transport for a fixed time mentioned in contract and on specified tariff. Hiring a car can be short-term (car sharing) and long-term. Opportunity to rent a car for several hours appeared on the market only recently. Every person who has driving license and who signed the contract could use the services of car hiring companies .The car is given to client on time specified in the contract without driver. Client could use car at his own discretion but have no right to pass it to other person. Most often hired cars are used for trips from home to work and vice versa, for family trips etc. Client is in charge of all gas, parking and fines expenses. Hiring companies demand gas tank of returning car to be full or almost full. This condition is specified in contract in separate paragraph. The same document regulates driver’s responsibility for possible car damage.

Cars for rent

Renting a car supposes services of passengers’ transportation. In this case company provide cars for temporary use. For the whole renting period car is driven by the driver who is working for the company which made it similar to taxi. The difference is that taxi services are paid according to approved tariff plan,for distance in kilometers and stoppage but renting car is paid by the hours. Unlike hiring a car, renting is possible for both private individual and legal entities. It also could not be realized without signing contract. Evident advantage of car rent is in costs which company will take upon itself. So client don’t have to pay for parking, gas, possible fines as it is while hiring a car. There are no other differences between this two notions.Both choices are convenient, safe and have a right to exist. The choice between them depends on customer demands and wishes.

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