Rundāle Palace – could not be left unnoticed and impossible to forget

Latvia is famous for its ancient castles and palaces. One of the most famous Latvian palaces is Rundāle.This baroque palace complex was built upon the project of famous architect Rastrelli. The works started in May 1736. It was built as a summer residence of Biron duke of Courland. Palace complex includes the palace building which contains all the characteristics of baroque style, garden – French park and vast hunting park. Palace has 2 floors, inner rooms are built like enfilade, total amount of rooms is 138.

Today visitors can enjoy the interior of front side rooms – Gold and White Halls which are connected through the Big Gallery. Unfortunately, original decoration of the halls was lost and reconstruct according to saved drafts and historical notes. But the Rundāle Palace Park did not changed from the moment it was created. The main theme of French park is kept from the 18th century. While walking in the park tourists can visit Rose greenhouse, Oriental Bosquet, the Golden Vase Pavilion, the Blue and the Dutch Bosquets. Rundāle Palace is situated 80 km south from Riga. You can take public transport (2 buses) or go on excursion. If you plan individual trip, a good choice will be to rent a car with driver. If you start your journey from Riga, you can visit all the interesting places of Rundāle Palace and come back to Riga at the same day.

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