For Legal entities

“CarRent” company offers a wide range of car renting services to companies with different forms of ownership.

If you company often needs transport ,you don’t have your own car fleet and you are not engaged in cargo carriages, you can sign a contract with us on a permanent basis. The treaty presupposes an opportunity for prolongation.


“CarRent” offers you the following services:

  • Corporate service on special tariffs;
  • Car rent with driver for trips inside the city, inter-city and international trips;
  • Transfer to airport for company representatives;
  • Car rent with driver for the representatives of your company for a business-day;
  • Transport support of your company special events.

With our help you can get all the benefits of car owner exempt from all the problems and expenses on keeping the car. You would not need to worry about handling car documents, technical servicing, parking and buying auto parts. You could use saved money for your business and make profit out of them!

You can ask all your questions on the phone, ordering a backcall or filling Q&A section on our website. Our specialists will answer all the questions.

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